tumblr_othj15KrDd1tbzd8wo1_250Call me Mandy or Zen i’ll respond to both at this point.

I do things involving math and science and engineering for a living and while I enjoy it dearly, it has been a major creativity suck since my free time became limited, so I’m hoping writing about the creative shit I love from 2018 onward will fulfill some of my artistic desires for now.

Plus the fact of the matter is I love reading books and playing games but I have a total of like (1) person who gives two shits about these things so here we are.

Mid 20s / ♀ ️/ Biracial / Bisexual

Book Likes:
Genre fiction / Graphic novels & Comics / Uncommon History / Diverse characters & stories / Own Voices Literature

Video Game Likes:
Role Playing Games / Visual Novels / Narrative Driven Ventures / Diverse Characters & Stories

General Likes:
Cool Science / Animated TV & Movies / Documentaries / Scifi & Fantasy movies & tv / The Outdoors / Lying in bed under at least 3 warm blankets

Misc social media: