Update on 2018 Goals

It’s approaching the end of the year, which means we reflect on how much we just absolutely failed at the goals we’d set for ourselves at the beginning of the year. I posted these in the middle of December I honestly…. Forgot about most of these? Until I looked at them before writing this and just felt…. immense shame lol I’m SO BAD AT THIS. And my goals were like. fuckign SMALL POTATOES.

Goal 1: Read 30 to 35 books.

This is like the one goal I knocked out of the park. As of publishing this update I’ve read a total of 172!!! books!!!! this year!!!!! Any only 45 of those were comics – the other 129 were actual books with only words in them. I just was on. An absolute ROLL this year y’all. I read enough books to come out with a legit Best Books I’ve read of 2018 without it being kinda sad.

Goal 2: Pick up some Nonfiction

Yo, I knocked this one way out of the park this year too! I read a total of…. 16 nonfiction books? And only like 6 of those were comics – the other 10 were books of prose!!! I’m really happy with how successful I was with this. Hell, I even read the book I mentioned in that post this year! (spoilers I absolutely loved it).Honestly, I really really LOVED a lot of the nonfiction I picked up this year. You’ll see that reflected in next years goals.

Goal 3: Finish Up a couple anime on your watch list.

Guys I think I watched a total of like. Two full anime this year and that’s not even counting the one I’m in the middle of – Sora yori mo Tooi Basho and  Gaikotsu Shotenin Honda-san. I did manage to get a couple episodes in of Outlaw Star before Funimation said later to Crunchyroll, and I did watch like…. 5 episodes of Phantom of the Twilight before I got bored (Also frustrated by the show trying desperately to convince me that Ton and Shinyao weren’t in love???? Like we’ve all seen the ending theme it’s practically CANON) so…. yeah this one was just a complete bust lmao. I’m about ready to give in my anime cred card since my SO’s been on that shit WAY more than I’ve been, which is pretty depressing LOL.

Goal 4-5: Finish Professor Layton and Virtue’s Last Reward

I haven’t even TOUCHED these games this year lmao. In fact I think I’ve finished like…. a total of 3 games this year? (Donut County, The Low Road and Stray Cat Crossing) All of them were indie games and not super long but??? At least I finished a couple games??? Though that’s not counting any games I played with my SO which I honestly…. don’t remember lol. So I finished games at least?

Goal 6: Participate in NaNoWriMo

Listen this is never going to happen as long as I’m working the job I am lmao it’s just gonna be the way it’s gonna BE.

I’ll have a 2019 goals later this month probably. Look out for that!



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