Comics/Graphic Novels I read in September 2018 – Reading Wrap Up

This month was a lot better for my comic reading – a total of ___ graphic novels/trades! Pretty amazing considering I had friends over

  • Spinning by Tillie Walden
    • Rating: 4/5
    • Thoughts: I met Walden at SDCC this year and managed to grab this one as well as On a Sunbeam while at her signing. One of my friends absolutely LOVED Spinning and On a Sunbeam is absolutely up my alley (LGBTIA+ themes and space???? That’s all I’ve ever wanted), so I came into this with some pretty high expectations
    • And this is some good shit! This is a solid biographical graphic novel about expectations and growing up. I related HARD to the whole belonging thing, especially with sports – I swam competitively pretty much from the middle of elementary school to high school, which is just slightly less rigorous than skating. Storywise this book is a gem of a coming-of-age tale. Though it is SUPER personal. I think there were a couple times were Walden wasn’t able to express herself as well as she wanted. But I’m not sure if that was me misunderstanding or a problem with the graphic novel.
    • I do have to say, while I do LOVE Walden’s panel composition, the art just was not my favorite. I think sometimes I wanted just a little more from her illustrations.
    • While this book has some LGBTIA+ themes (Walden is pretty open about being a lesbian), I think it’s more of an important facet that the big selling point, which while isn’t a problem bothered me in some of the marketing material, so just an FYI for anyone wanting to pick this up.
    • I’m super excited to pick up a On a Sunbeam after reading this though! A solid read.
  • Fruits Basket Collector’s Edition, Vol. 1 by Natsuki Takaya
    • Rating: 4.5/5
    • Thoughts:To be completely transparent, this is a nostalgia rating. Fruits basket is one of my favorite mangas ever and rereading this first bind up I still absolutely adore it.
    • It’s still got its issues. It’s annoyingly heterosexual and cisgendered (aka a common trope ) despite having characters which challenge the gender binary and attraction (aka SO COMMON IN SHOJO IT SUCKS) but its just. so loving and heartwarming and thoughtful and fucking funny. Like Fruits basket really hits its stride in the later volumes, but this is an absolute solid start. The art is even better than I remember it being! (although it’s still mile below how good it gets by the end)
    • It’s also super weird reading this again because when I first started this series I was like Kyo’s number one fan but now I’m an absolute Yuki stan. Kyo is still a fave, especially in these first volumes but Yuki gets some GOOD FUCKING SHIT later in the series so reading this again is like. Oh yeah Yuki is still very good. Amazing, Love it.
    • I can’t say like hey if you’ve never read Fruits baskets before you should read this, but if you like shoujo manga you should pick this up! It’s sweet and moving and kind of fucked up. It’s not so much in this volume, but this series has some pretty deep discussions on abuse, power dynamics and death. It’s uhhhhh a lot if you’re not ready for it.

  • Coady and the Creepies, Written by Liz Price and Illustrated by Amanda Kirk
    • Rating: 2.75/5
    • Thoughts: This was a cute trade! The ideas behind the story are solid and a lot of fun to read. But honestly, there’s just not a ton going for it. While the cover art is absolutely stunning, the actual sequential art leaves a lot to be desired. It’s okay, but it really isn’t anything special (though I did really love the colors!)
    • The execution of the story also kind of left a lot to be desired. It reminded me a lot of Giant Days, which while I didn’t LOVE, had the same kind of goofy feel to it with way more charm.
    • All in all, it’s just kinda… eh? forgettable to me  I guess.
  • Paper Girls, Volume 3, Written by Brian K. Vaughn and Illustrated by Cliff Chiang
    • Rating: 4/5
    • Thoughts: Brian K. Vaughn is consistently just one of my favorite graphic novel writers – while I don’t always LOVE his work, for the most part I usually find myself at least really enjoying his work. This volume of Paper Girls is no exception.
    • While the first volume of paper girls was kinda all over the place story wise, I’m feeling more and more than Vaughn is really hitting his stride the father this series goes. This is probably my favorite volume of the series yet! Though I think it’s because it’s a bit less buck wild than the last two were. I’m really excited to see where this goes next. If you like 80s style scifi with a kick of great female characters mixed in with some weird fucking shit, this is still the book for you.
    • Also shout out to Cliff Chiang for still being just one of the best comic book artists in the biz. I LOVE HIS STUFF. It’s the main reason I picked up this series in the first place – He can frankly do no art wrong in my eyes. His stuff is just always super stylish and striking. 10/10 would look at his art forever.

Alright, that’s it for the comics wrap up. Tune in soon for the other two!


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