Comics I read in June 2018 – Reading Wrap Up

Yo I read like 17 books this month which is pretty dang incredible. I haven’t really felt like reading a TON of comics/graphic novels for most of this month – I picked up two graphic novels and two trades. But  what I did manage to read, I really enjoyed!

  • Pashima by Nidhi Chanani
    • Rating: 4/5
    • Thoughts: I found a SIGNED version of this book in my local used bookstore which is just BAFFLING to me. This is an EXCELLENT kid’s comic – I can’t imagine people wanting to sell it back, especially if it’s SIGNED. Priyanka is such a good kid main character – sure she’s flawed, and she makes a ton of mistakes throughout the graphic novel, but she’s never shown as a bad guy. She’s just a kid trying to figure out her families past. I absolutely LOVED the magical realism part of this book. It was sooooo much fun to explore. Complaints wise, it’s mostly two things. One, I didn’t LOVE the art. It was passable for the story being told here (Though I do love the author playing with color in this). Two, there were a couple plot threads that just didn’t feel like the resolved really well. There were concrete reasons Priyanka did some of the things earlier in the novel where the answer was just kind of thrown out and not really addressed. That being said, this is still a really good middle grade graphic novel. If you want to get something for the kids in your life who are just starting to get into comics, I’d recommend this one.

  • Trickster: Native American Tales, A Graphic Collection, Edited by Matt Dembicki
    • Rating: 3.5/5
    • Thoughts: This book kind of gets thrashed on the goodreads page. Which I can kind of understand – this isn’t the best anthology of comics I’ve read. The stories are really hit and miss, and the art’s consistency is pretty all over the place. I really enjoyed it though – It was an interesting anthology about tricksters in native mythology. All of the tales were from oral native tradition (if you looked in the credits at the back), and each one had some pretty dang unique takes on the trickster mythology. A lot of the sequential art left a lot to be desired though. If this is a topic that interests you, I’d give this a swing. Otherwise, you’ll find more compelling work elsewhere.
  • The Backstagers, Volume 1, Written by  James Tynion IV, Illustrated by Rian Sygh
    • Rating: 4.5/5
    • Thoughts: WHAT A GREAT BOOK TO READ FOR PRIDE MONTH!!! I got the book while it was on sale on Book Outlet, mostly since my SO wanted to read it and I am SO HAPPY I grabbed it. This  is SO PRECIOUS. This is some solid own voices shit (the author is openly bi and the illustrator is also queer) that just. Gives the people what they want. It’s solid kid friendly fun with PRECIOUS distinct characters. I loved every part of this story. It’s romantic and mysterious and spooky and lovable. Did I mention the book is spooky? Because I was surprised how much atmosphere the artist and author could pack into this! Boom Box has been just doing a really great job at making some solid fun comics, and this is no exception. If you want some good good light hearted gay comics, pick this trade up.
    • The stage managers are my favorite characters thoooo i love my gimli/legolas pairing until I DIE.
  • Spell on Wheels, Volume 1 written by Kate Leth, Illustrated by Megan Levens
    • Rating: 5/5
    • Thoughts: Y’all this comic is pretty much Kate Leth and Megan Levens crawling into my dreams, taking everything I would love in a comic and putting it into a trade. I love this. I absolutely loved this. It takes everything I loved about the shows Supernatural and Charmed and was like “what if we actually made it like…. fun instead of a fucking drag.” which is just HELLO.
    • Like I get it this is not like Peak Storytelling, but it just HITS all my weak points. Supernatural roadtrips, diverse characters, girls giving douchebags a killer right hook, spooky mysteries. This is sooooo much fun. IDK if they’re going to continue this series but I’m praying I’m fucking PRAYING they do.
    • There’s not really a ton to say about this, cause honestly, this is exactly my taste. You’re either going to be extremely into this shit or not and lets be real I’m the former.
    • Also if this is what Leth usually writes i need to check other her other stuff ASAP this was bananas fun.

Look forward to the other two wrap ups coming your way soon! I actually put these together as the month was progressing so technically they should be published in quick succession. (The keyword in this being. Technically).


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