Comics I read in April 2018 – Reading Wrap Up

I had a pretty light Comic reading month in April – only 3 trades. I made up with it by picking up 5 YA novels and 4 Adult novels, but still, a bit atypical for me. This one will be pretty short wrap up – I feel like I don’t have a TON to say about most of these ones.

  • Joyride, Volume 1, Written by Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kelly & Drawn by Marcus To
    • Rating: 4/5
    • Thoughts: This book is such a delight! It’s a fun YA space opera with two really great ladies drawn by one of my favorite comic book artists around. While I think the story is a pretty standard ragtag team of outcasts and misfits take on the galaxy and fascist regime, I think what really makes this a standout entry is the characters and the art and page design. To really is the best in the business – I will read just about anything this guy does art for. There are these couple pages in issue 3 or 4 that are by far the best art/page layout stuff I have ever seen in a monthly comic. It’s phenomenal. The characters play off of each other really well and have a lot of interesting motivations and traits.  I am really curious to see where the rest of the series go – the end of this volume will let the series go in a lot of interesting directions in my opinion. When I’ve put myself off my comic ban, I’ll pick be sure to pick up the next couple volumes.

  • Descender Volume 1: Tin Stars, Written by Jeff Lemire and Drawn by Dustin Nguyen 
    • Rating: 3/5
    • Thoughts: Just like Joyride, I picked this up as a huge fan of Nguyen’s work, and Lemire is a pretty prolific writer in the comic verse so I was hoping it’d be something special. And it’s… okay. I think the beginning of this comic is SUPER strong, the main character is precious and the story being built up had me curious, but the last third really turned me off of the whole thing. It got really… weird? Like at some point it just was just like “okay how much shocking stuff can we put in these last couple pages” and ran with it. It’s a bit more deep into that sci-fi shtick than Joyride was, to both its merit and detriment. I may pick up the second volume…. eventually? Maybe once I shake the weird feeling I have about it.
    • Potential Trigger warnings for gore on this one. It’s kinda icky.
  • Plutona, Written by Jeff Lemire and Drawn by Emi Lenox
    • Rating: 2/5
    • Thoughts: It was after reading this book, it occured to me that I just… might not like Jeff Lemire as a writer. I think he just might not be for me because I did NOT like this book at ALL. There were some interesting concepts and the art was nice but BOY the story and the characters made me want to scream. I think I liked… two of the characters in the main cast? And everyone else spent most of the time being absolute garbage. I get the feeling that that was kind of the point and that they have reasons for their assshole-ness, but that doesn’t mean that it made this book any good. The ending is pretty dang out of left field too – and just made this even more of a meh than I had felt before. I think this book has a same problem I had with Descender – the “”twists”” were just. Really bad twists. It’s just the story beforehand and the characters were not enough to make up for it.

Not a lot of good things to say about some of these, but at least I learned where I stand with Jeff Lemire’s writing after this month. Stay tuned for the rest of the wrap ups! I have some…. things to say about the rest of the books I picked up. Mostly good things I think!



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