Comics I read in February 2018 – Reading Wrap Up

Compared to January, I only finished…. three comics/graphic novels, which is WAY more typical for me. It was also a shorter month, one where I was busy almost every weekend, which is when I do most of my comic reading. But there were some DAMN good reads this month. Same rule as last time — I’m too lazy to write up synopsis – go look at the good reads page.

  • Black Panther: A Nation Under Our Feet, Book 2, Written by Ta-Nehisi Coates and Drawn by Chris Sprouse

    • Rating: 4.5/5
    • Thoughts: This is some GOOD superhero comics my guys. I feel like Coates REALLY came into his own in this one – he weaves the story of Wakanda both past and present SO WELL in this one. There are interludes with some side characters that work wonders in world building and in getting across what the first book was either setting up for or floundered a bit. I cannot wait to pick up the last arc in this story line run. The art is not nearly as eye popping as the first volume, but Sprouse still does an amazing job. If you’ve wanted to dip your toes into super hero comics, this run so far has been an absolute delight  (and YES I did see Black Panther – it was GOOD AS HELL too).

  • Goldie Vance Volume 1, Written by Hope Larson, Drawn by Brittney Williams
    • Rating: 3.75/5
    • Thoughts: This a fun kids comic! Some great representation, a fun mystery (and when I get into my book wrap ups, you will SEE the mystery shenanigans that I got into last month), and likeable characters. It’s not anything super special plot wise, but I enjoyed my time reading it. The fun designs and characters make the work enjoyable.
  • March: Book 2, Written by John Lewis & Andrew Aydin, Drawn by Nate Powell
    • Rating: 5/5
    • Thoughts: Unfortunately, I only picked up the second volume of this series this month, but also, I don’t know how it is possible, but this one is EVEN BETTER than the first one. This dives much deeper into John Lewis’ during the civil rights era and it is a truly visceral read. The emotional punches come at least twice as hard in this one – it is just… it’s so much. This is another read where after I finished it, I just kind of laid there thinking about it all. I’d say this is an absolute MUST READ for people of all walks of life. Also, the artist, Powell, really just kicked his butt into gear on this one. The art style was good before, but some of the shot compositions and expressions are absolutely incredible. Please pick up this series

I have…. nine other books that I read in February so look out for that when it comes out!


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