Adult Novels I read in January 2018 – Reading Wrap Up

Here’s the last reading wrap up for the month yall! See my comics and young adult wrap ups for the other books I read. I’ve only got four here, so this will be the shortest of the batch!

  • Six-Gun Snow White by Catherynne M. Valente
    • Rating: 4/5
    • Thoughts: I have a confession to make: I love the mythic american west. It’s a super fascinating time period in history. But I have absolute no patience for the racism and misogyny that they usually belie. Demonizing Native Americans, pretending there were only white people out in the west, and having approximate 1 women per hundred male characters that is either the wife or a sex worker is SUPER eyeroll-y. I’ve had the fortune of picking up Wake of Vultures and Vengeance Road in the past couple years, both featuring POC main characters that are decidedly not Cis men, as well a plethora of other diverse and interesting characters, has reignited my interest in the…. genre? Time period? Whatever. This novella, I would say, falls under the same umbrella, with a diverse main character. It is an incredibly good mix of a western and a fairy tell retelling. Valente’s writing is absolutely stunning — I have a couple other books of her’s on my to-read list that are definitely getting bumped up after picking this up. She just has a beautiful way of telling her stories. I gotta say though, the ending is…. weird. It straight up does not make sense. I don’t know if I just didn’t get it, but I kind of don’t. That being said, I would pick this up if you want a quick read, and your trying to figure out if any westerns at all will be good for you.

  • As You Wish: Inconceivable Tales from the Making of The Princess Bride by Cary Elwes 
    • Rating: 4.5/5
    • Thoughts: I kind of picked this book up on a whim, since it was pretty cheap in the kindle store and I had literally watched the Princess Bride the week before with my family. So I wasn’t expecting a TON from the book, but boy did it surprise me! This is an absolute must-read if you really love the Princess Bride. It is so effortlessly charming and engaging with Elwes at the helm. A lot of other people who worked on the film have blurbs in the book too – from the director to other actors to William Golding! You can really just feel the love and passion these people all have for the movie, and how special of time in really was for them. If you read this for anything though, the stuff about Andre the Giant had me in literal tears. It’s made me want to pick up more biographical work about the man – he sounds like a fascinating character and a great man. And Elwes’ writing has a incredible respect and love for him that really inspires that.
      I don’t think this book will be for everyone. It is very much JUST about the making of the Princess Bride and the experience the cast had making it, and a bit about the cult following that came around after it. But it is such a nice read.
  • The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch
    • Rating: 4.75/5
    • Thoughts: THIS BOOK GOES SO UNEXPECTEDLY HARD. I will admit, the build up to this book is very slow. I found myself caring about 70 percent of the time until I got about 40 percent of the way through the book. But BOY is it a trip. I understand why this book is so incredibly loved in fantasy circles. The world building is outstanding, the main characters are lovable and loads of fun. And when the plot gets the fuck going, it GETS GOING. There’s a couple parts in this book, action scenes and dialogue, that I’m STILL thinking about a week or two later. Some of these scenes feel so cinematic, they’re just begging for someone to make a action-packed emotional roller coaster of a movie. (I also think a movie would be able to make the very slow parts of this book not nearly hard as they are to read) You have to really commit to this book though. Lynch takes his time building up the entire novel, to a bit of a detriment. It’s one of the greatest things holding this book back, but I can still say it deserves a high rating regardless. The book itself wrap up fairly well – it’s a series, but I could see someone being satisfied with this ending. I however, cannot wait to see what other bullshit these characters get into, and there’s a couple questions I’m interested to see answered, so I’ll be hopefully picking up the next book sometime soon.
    • Also I challenge you not to fall in love with Jean by the end of this book. He’s perfect and amazing and I would die for him.
  • Moon Called by Patricia Briggs
    • Rating: 3.25/5
    • Thoughts: I wanted to wrap up the month with a lighter read after tackling my first 500+ read of the year, so I picked up some good old fashion Trash Urban Fantasy at my local used bookstore and HOO BOY I am so glad I did. This is what I like to call “Woke Trash”, which is a book you know that’s going to kinda very not good as it commits to its trash premise, but still TRIES ITS BEST to like talk about real issues and like. Bless this books little heart it really does try. It’s at most a PASSABLE try but it TRIES.
      I straight up loved this book. It is the perfect werewolf-y supernatural trash I’ve always wanted in my life. Dumb implied love triangle that probably will get resolved in like the next four books? You bet! Hot but frankly dumb as hell werewolf guys? Sure there’s a ton of them take your PICK. A female protag who gives about negative three shits and also is so oblivious about the love triangle she’s in you could club her over the head with it and she still wouldn’t get it??? Y’all meet Mercy fucking THOMPSON. The world half nonsensical, at least 30 percent of the characters introduced have a personality about as thin as paper, and the plot is really convoluted for what it’s trying to achieve but it is SO FUN to read. I BLEW thru this shit.
      About the woke part: what the fuck this book is actually diverse as hell for the kind of garbage it is???? Fair amount of POC and AN ACTUAL GAY CHARACTER which is 100% my shit supernatural gays are about as my aesthetic as you get (there is a reason I suffered through so much of Teen Wolf and it is Exactly This.) If the next books keeps this up, I’m just gonna be swimming in this hot garbage.
      Like I want to make this extremely clear: this book is not like. Good. Its not good at all. But it is A RIDE. I can’t wait to pick up more of this dumb series and see what dumb bullshit the main characters get wrapped up in that makes about no sense. Someone make this a TV show and put it on the CW or Syfy this shit would sell like HOTCAKES.

alright guys I’m done talking for probably the next month. I’ve got a pretty ambitious month ahead of me – and by ambitious i mead in gonna do some audiobooks!!!! We’ll see how that goes


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