Thoughts on: Recovery of an MMO Junkie

recovery of an mmo junkieThis will be a fairly MINI review as I’m trying to figure out my review style so please bear with me!

I’m going to preface this by saying I have not finished a series and/or season of a show since probably like… March of this year? I pretty much lost interest in absolutely anything and everything for a good six months of this year. (That good good anxiety/depression wombo combo) I started reading a bit more some time in November, but I still hadn’t felt anything but dread when it came to sitting down and watching a show that wasn’t 10 long Youtube videos or Netflix Documentaries

It was while doing this aforementioned youtube procrastinating did I find one of the youtubers I started watching, Mother’s Basement  ,  had posted a discussion about this show’s opening (Unfortunately it has been taken down at the time writing this due to copyright strike. If it comes availiable again, I will link it in the Further Reading!) His description of the show sounded frankly adorable, and the perfect kind of inoffensive anime to pull me out of my TV show funk.

And I was right! I finished the whole dang thing.

Our Main Character Moriko Morioka, is 30 years old and is burnt out working a shitty corporate job. She ends up quitting her job and spending her day playing an MMORPG as a male avatar ‘Hayashi’. She meets a female character named ‘Lily’ and become good friends with her and a couple other characters in the game. Though as much as she uses the MMO to avoid real life, it seems real life’s shenanigans are finding their way into the MMO.

This is some quality Heterosexual Anime Nonsense. (In the BEST WAY) The amount of dumb coincidences that have to happen for this entire story to work is part of the ridiculous fun.  It plays out like a classic romantic comedy to almost a TEE except the dudes aren’t creeps. In fact, all the characters are likeable, engaging and FUNNY. Skin it with an nerdy MMORPG sheen, cute jokes, solid character animation and this is something PERFECT to watch when you’re feeling like a trash monster. I really do love how it relishes in its MMO setting. As someone who’s put my fair share of hundreds of hours into those damn things, I was definitely catered to.

Something that surprised me was the very light hints of character conflict. This is a fun, light-hearted show, but there is a sense that some of these characters have some deep feelings of melancholy under the surface, especially with our main character, Moriko. It adds a small layer to the characters that I already found myself really enjoying.

Also notably, this anime avoids a LOT of gross romance anime tropes. Characters communicate sometimes! They’re understanding! They’re nervous and awkward sometimes but they’re still goddamn adults and its SAD that that’s something to note on.

I do think 10 episodes is both just the right amount of episodes and not enough. On one hand, if they would have dragged out the romance to anything more than this I would have started yelling in frustration. On the other, there’s definitely a lot of character to explore! More side characters to find out about! Seeing the main couple’s relationship grow! etc etc. Alas, shows like this are always more about the romance than the fun slice of life that I absolutely ADORE.

Rating – 3.75/5 
A really fun, enjoyable show. Don’t expect the world out of it, but its nice! Its fun and charming and well. It got me to finish a show!

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    • While this piece is a bit more congratulatory than I am, it brings up a lot of interesting points!

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